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  Nanon opened her eyes, stupid with amazement, and looked at everybodyin the room.

  "Well!" she said, "and how am I to get the lard and the spices?""Wife," said Grandet, "give Nanon six francs, and remind me to getsome of the good wine out of the cellar." remy hair extensions clip in

  "Well, then, Monsieur Grandet," said the keeper, who had come preparedwith an harangue for the purpose of settling the question of theindemnity, "Monsieur Grandet--" remy hair extensions clip in

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  "Ta, ta, ta, ta!" said Grandet; "I know what you want to say. You area good fellow; we will see about it to-morrow, I'm too busy to-day.Wife, give him five francs," he added to Madame Grandet as hedecamped. virgin hair bundles

  The poor woman was only too happy to buy peace at the cost of elevenfrancs. She knew that Grandet would let her alone for a fortnightafter he had thus taken back, franc by franc, the money he had givenher.

  "Here, Cornoiller," she said, slipping ten francs into the man's hand,"some day we will reward your services." virgin hair bundles

  Cornoiller could say nothing, so he went away.

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